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Treat for your little beloved yorkies!

There is on the market o alt of kinds of god treats.

Despite the fact that we love to spoil our little doggie ... we must make good choices because small yorkies are so greedy (at least mines) they would eat everything and become obese!

I try to choose as much as possible, treats that are good for the teeth and treats that takes times to eat ( not swallow in 1 seconde!). The only time i'm giving my little yorkie other kind of treats is when i train them. During dog training, you have to use very small treat that are easy to eat and swallow fast.

 A) Bites of their own dry food!
During exercise training, sometimes i use bites of their own dry food as treats. Given 1 by 1, the bites seem ta taste even better for my dogs!

If they are really hungry .... they will enjoy those bites as much as another kind of treat.

The advantage: I can give them more bites, do more training exercices with my dogs and simply deduct the amount of bites i give them from their next meals!

 B)Cesar double delight treats
I really don't know what the company that manufactures those treat put inside them but it looks almost like drugs for my dog!
All my dogs are absolutely crazy about those treats!

They jump and are so happy when they see me take the bag of cesar treats in my hand.

Moreover,these are very small square that can be cut into smaller piece very easily.


 C) Dry liver for dog
Dogs also love this product. Dry liver is very tasty for dogs! Those treat are softer than others so more quickly swallow! I use it exclusively for dog training but since I tried the small Caesar double delight .... I use dry liver less...because it tend to crumble too much when I wanted to cut it in very small pieces.

Ceasar double delight treats are already in small pieces, so easier to use for training my dogs!

The A), B) and C) are excellent for dog training:

- - Reward your puppy by giving him/her a caesar treat whenever you catch him/her peeing or pooping at the right place, on the pee training pad ....
you'll be surprised of the effectiveness of this method!

When i'm in the bathroom,sometimes, my little teacup yorkie Mia get on the training pads, and she is trying so hard, she is forcing herself until a little drop of pipi fall on the pee training pad...
she is willing to do anything to get a little peace of her favorite treat!

- - To teach commands to your dog,to train your yorkie, you can even cut into smaller pieces the ceasar double delight little square.

 D)Dog Biscuits
When I want to give a little more substantial ( bigger) reward to my little doggies .... I take out my dog's cookie jar!

They then are happy for a few more seconds... and for a few more bites!

They can easily eat all the box of cookie if it was at their disposal!

 E) Charcoal dog cookie
Charcoal biscuits for dogs are a treat that has a double purpose.

It can sometimes happen that a puppy that is very well fed, cannot absorb all the vitamin in his food and eliminate those vitamines when they poop... so when he make a little hot poop, he can be tempt to turn around and starts to eat the little pooh when it still hot!

Quite disgusting for us, especially because of the unpleasant smell that emerges from that little pooh .... Ouach! the poop is very small but the smell ... very big and bad! But well, it can happend often when the puppy does not assimilate all the nutrients and vitamins in his food .... and then all those nutrients and vitamins are eliminate....the little pooh smell seem to be attractive, and wet your little puppy's appetite!

To avoid this, give your puppy charcoal biscuits, it will take away the appealing smell of the poop!


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