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Basic dog care

 - Food   - Training pad   - Bed/Cage   - Treats   - Rawhide Bone   - Harness and Collar  - Dog Step   - Toy 

3. Quiet place where your pup can relax

Your puppy will love playing, but certainly when he needs to rest ..... it needs' a quiet place to rest in peace.

My dogs and puppies particularly like two places to relax:

a) a confortable cosy bed
b) a carrier (transport cage ), door open of course

 A) Confortable Bed for miniature yorkshire terrier puppy
Several types of beds areavailable. shape, size of the bed and material used varies from one kind of dog bed to another.

Some beds are covered with a slipcover that we just need to remove for washing. very practical!
Other beds can be simply put entirely as they are, in the washer and dryer.

Kind of beds my dogs prefer:
The bed like the one shown at right is their favorite.
This kind of bed is a one piece bed, without slip cover and can be washed directly in the washer.
They love this bed because the outline simulate a pillow or they love to rest their head on it.

They like also to beds of small size with slipcover. I guess they feel well supported in them.


  B) Pet Carrier, Portable Kennel, kennel, pet bag, pet house
Again several types of pet carrier exists.

shape, size andmatirial used varies from one kind to another, even as the price!

The models for small animals sold in pet stores are good.
(It's like the one you see on my photos)

Simply insert 1-2 good fleece blankets inside and your little darling will feel in paradise ... and safe, of course! Your little dog will sometimes likes to sleep in peace in the kennel and make beautiful dream ... dreaming as his next meal, perhaps!

dog-crate-transporter-yorkshire-terrier-mini-bag dog-crate-transporter-yorkshire-terrier-mini-bag home-for-yorkshire-terrier-puppy

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