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Would you like to breed your dog?

Before breeding your dog, be well informed:

Mating and breeding of dogs should be taken seriously.

It is important to be well informed and well prepared if you want to help your little female and if you want her to give birth to healthy babies.

We must also keep in mind that there is always a risk in pregnancy, labor and delivery and ... in the worst case you could lose your little female yorkie.

Would you be prepare to lose your little precious female?

Taking care of the puppies takes time

Do you really have enough time to devote to this activity?

When your dog will have gave birth, you will need time to properly take care of your puppies. This step is very important for the development of healthy puppies. It is really important for puppies to be socialized stating from very young age.

It is true that the puppies are adorable, but when you have multiple dog or puppy in a house, you will need even more time if you want to keep your home clean and well maintained ... young puppies will sometimes .... and I can even say a lot of times, make messes!

Did you think about it?

Additional visit to the vet

Remember also to include in your schedule extra visits to your vet for checkups, cut tails and pins, vaccines, dewormers, etc.. Each visit is very important to ensure that the puppies are healthy and they develop normally.

Find a good home for the puppy
Remember, if you decide to bring little beautiful yorkie puppies in this world, you will have to take the time to find them a good home with good master that would love hime/her and be able to take good care of him/her.

How old is your female dog?
The female of the canine race have no more than 2 heat cycle per year.

My Mimi does not have 2 heat cycle a years.
She ovulate once every 8 months, which is not uncommon for miniature Yorkshire Terrier female.

Although young bitches have their first heat very young, usually between 6 and 8 months, I do not recommend to breed the dog before at least the 2nd heat cycle.
I even suggest to wait the third heat of the dog for a first mate.
The little body of your yorkie female will be perfectly developp then, and your dog will have less difficulty to carry the baby and have more chance to give birth without problems.

A female dog can mate until she's about 6 years.

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