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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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Dogs are amazing creatures that are studying us carefully to always adapt to us, to our mood.

They like to please ourselves but sometimes they our great manipulator and knows exactly what to do to get what they wants!

The language of your dog

Dogs have a very different way of thinking and communicating than human. But if we try to understand their logic .... we will easily be able to understand them and make ourself understood by THEM.

Unlike us, dogs can not analyze whether an action is good or bad.
All they deduce from an action is that it is PLEASANT or an UNPLEASANT.

Small Yorkies are also very responsive to our voices and reactions.

They feel immediately if we are cheerful, sympathetic, happy, frustrated, angry, sad and even if we are sick.

They will also fell
disagreements, which could happen when 2 member of your family argue or are unhappy about something. Moreover, some dogs will react to these situations by symptoms of stress (you will know that when your dog suddenly adopts behavior that was previously unusual for them, eg: pooping at the wrong place, hides, seem ill)

If I look at my little darling yorkies ... they have learned to communicate with me and they know very well how to make me understand when they want something.

For exemple:

  • I hear a ding ding from the kitchen .....
    Mimi is banging her head gently on her bowl of water to tell me that it is now empty and she is thirsty!

  • Lenny is hiding in a corner and whining all alone .....
    this mean I'm ashamed because I have a little poo that is stuck in my back.
  • When I finished stroking MiMi and she want me to continue ...
    she licks my hand ... that means I'm still cwant your caress, stroke !...< br>

  • Mia touch me with her paw when she wants to get my attention!
    TThey are very intelligent dog these yorkies ...the only thing they do not have a human voice!

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