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The language of your dog - Growl - Growling dogs

1) The growl that is induced by fear
A dog that lacks confidence in himself and feels weaker and less apt, dogs that serve the role of subordinates will often tend to growl out if he fear that you want to take something from him

Imagine a dog that just get a a bone and you approach him, he will be afraid that you take away his bone so he will growl at you.

Observe the posture of the dog that growls of fear:
It will often be
- Head down,
- Tail between legs,
- Ears drawn back,
- The body slightly bent forward

It is a different posture that the one take by a dog that growls in order to dominate you!

What to do in this case
Do not raise your voice over your dog growls because, it will not help him.He already feels insecure and scared ( that is why he growl)so instead try secure him.

To do this, you can:
a) Avoid eye contact or direct physical contact with the dog
b) You must stay calm and do not yell especially
c) Ignore the dog until he calms

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