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Gestation period for a female dog yorkshire terrier or other breed

How do I know if my dog is pregnant?
It only have to wait at least 3 weeks to see if our little pretty female yorkie is expecting puppies!

To make sure that your dog is pregnant, several things are available to you:

a) Ultrasound

The ultrasound is the most reliable method to determine the status and number of puppy in the little uterus of your dog but it is also the most expensive metod.

The first ultrasound may be done between the 21st and 35th day of gestation.

b) radiography

You should be more patient in this case since the radiological examination can be made from the 43 th day (because the skeleton of the pups are not visible on radiographs before that).
Radiography is a little cheaper than Ultracound. but gives only a static image, so it may be difficult for the veterinarian to see with certainty the number of puppies in the belly of your female yorkie.

At the first LITTER of my Mimi, I myself opted for radiography.

As the image is static, the vet had actually seen that Mimi was pregnant but he had seen only one baby in her womb.

This could have been very dangerous in our case. Let me explain.

Mimi has delivered the first baby at about 1:00 pm.
Thinking she waited only one puppy, we thould that the labor and delivery was completed and everything was fine.

Mimi has stayed with her little baby the rest of the day. Only towards 11h00p.m. in the evening a surprise was waiting for us, a 2nd puppy decided to show his little nose.

Fortunately for , the laboe and delivery was ok in spites that it took more than 10 hours to deliver only 2 babies !

b) Manual Palpation

A veterinarian or an experience's breeder could by palpating the abdomen her pregnant bitch, feel each little separate bags that contain puppies.

But in the case of miniature Yorkshire terrier this method is not easy to use, evenimpractical, the puppies are so small that it is sometimes almost impossible to feel them with palpation.

Imagine my little Mia was barely bigger than a $ 2.00 piece when she came into this world imagineher size when she was in their's mom belly!

When you are sure your female yorkie dog is pregnant

You have to gradually change her food to a richer diet. The food you plan to give the puppy is perfect because it is richer than regular food.

The normal gestation period is 63 days. Dog's Gestation usually lasts between 62 and 65 days (sometimes 58 to 70 days).

> What is a false pregnancy??
Some bitch, even if the were not mate, they were not physically connected with a male can experience all the symptoms related to pregnancy.

Their eating habits change, their temperament is also changing, they may even have a flow of milk. In some dogs, the female may even feel contractionsat the end of the "false pregnancy".

The false pregnancy in female dog is due to progesterone automatically secreted by the ovaries at the time of ovulation, secretion that continues for about two months , no matter your female is pregnant or not.
These pregnancies generally resolve by themself and your little yorkie female is back to normal!

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