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How to choose the best male stud to breed, to mate your little yorkshire terrier female!

In breeding teacup, tor and Miniature dogs, the most important thing to observe, to avoid any complications at the delivery is THE SIZE OF THE MALE.

Yorkie females generally have very small amount of puppies per Litter. So usually the size of each foetus is larger than if the bich would have 10 babies!!!

As consequence,the yorkie terrier female are more likely (than female of other breed) to get complications at puppy birth.

Here are some important things to observe when looking for a yorkshire terrier miniature male stud:

The male absolutely must be smaller than your female. The smaller the better in my opinion.

It is also important to learn about the weight of the male parent for, we noticed a direct correlation between the weight of "grandparents" and the puppies.

Is the male healthy and is he received his vaccines.

Make sure the little male is clean and healthy. Ideally, the owner of the male should be able to provide their paper and health record.
Do not hesitate to examine well the male yorkie and even touch the little male to be sure that every part of his body is normal.

Observe, be attentive the temperament, character of the yorkie stud

Is he calm and docile?
Is he sociable?
Is he aggressive?
is he obedient

The quality of the hair of the dog and its color

For The Yorkshire Terrier there are 2 types of color. There are the silver ones and the black and tan ones.

For Yorkshire, there is two type of hairs. you will find yorkie with silky, very soft and shiny hair and the other type that would have cotton hair, very tough , not shiny, rough hair type.

The abundance of hair also vary a lot from one yorkie to another. Choose your yorkie's male stud accordingly to what you are looking for. Find also a lot about the hairs, coat quality and color of the parents of the little male.

Other things to think about
Did the breeder allow you to attend the mating?
I strongly recommend you to insist for being present are see the mating of your dog. Your little female yorkie dog will be less nervous and you can be sure that the male you previously choose is really the one that will be used for mating!

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