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Make your little male castrate

The consequences of dog's castration depend on the behavior of each individual. They are barely noticeable in some small yorkies while others will become so calm ... even lazy!

Dog's castration: what it is all about

In yorkie males, testicular ablation is performed.

There are also "chemical" castration by caplet or injection, but I strongly not recommend this method because you should administer medication to your dog throughout his life and unlike chemical castration, your little male will not be protect against diseases.

This method is mostly used by breeders who want to give a small break to one of their male! Because some little yorkshire terrier are very hot bunny!
Diseases prevent by castration
Castration protects your dog from some kind of testicles and prostate diseases.

In addition, a castrated dog is Generally more calm and try less attempt to mark its territory by urinating everywhere!

  • Testicular tumors

  • These tumors mainly affect monorchidie dogs (one testicle is left in the abdomen) and cryptorchid (none of the testes are in place).
    If it is your dog, make him castrate when it is small.
    This will prevent the tumor and your pet will recover faster if the operation if he is young.

  • Enlargement, hypertrophy of the Prostate

  • This disease is due to release of male hormones that causes an increase of the prostate size.

    Your dog may then have difficulty peeing and also suffer from constipation. In addition, prostate, because of its enlarged, will always press the ureter, which can cause cystitis.
    Finally, this problem can lead to infections of the prostate, as abscesses.

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