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How to recognize the period of heat cycle of your female dog?

1) At the obeginning of the heat cycle, your dog will have reddish vaginal discharge and loss of red blood, so she will often lick herself and you will notice a swelling of the vulva.

This period lasts about 7 to 10 days.

2) Subsequently, the blood flow will stop and that's when that ovulation will occur.

It will be time to breed your dog (between 10th and 14th day of cycle) .

Fertilization of the egg iwill occur only when the egg is mature, so about 48 hours after ovulation.

It can be difficult to know with certainty what is the best day for the pmating.
Therefore, I recommend to breed your bitch 2 to 3 times between 10 th and 14-day cycle.

Ideally, we try to have a dog mating on the 11 and 13 days of the heat cycle.

If you go for 3 times (it will be far more demanding for your little female if she is as independent as my Mimi! At each mating, it is always her that is going up over the male first before he gets the chance to mate her! I advise to go to 10 th, 12 th and 14 th day of the cycle.

If you opt for 2 matings , I advise you to go the 11th and 13th day of the cycle.
If you've done your calculations, you will this way cover the entire period and ovulation.

useful accessory >>> Diaper Cover slip for dog
In small dogs, the flows are very small and do not dirty the house too much ...still you can buy littles panties in which you can insert a "sanitary towel".

The only disadvantage of this panties is that you should always check your dog when she have to quickly have to remove the little panties if you did not want her to pee in it.

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