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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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Getting ready for labor & delivery

Find a quiet corner that is warm but a place that you can observe because it is important to always keep an eye on our female dog whan she is delivering the puppies. We have to be sure that everything is going well.
You will have to be very discrete during labor in order to not anoy the new mother, and to avoid unnecessary disruption and upset your little bitch.

My Mimi likes to be private when she gives birth so we manifacture her a small tent with blankets all around her but in a way that we can always see what is happening.

Material that can be useful
  • heat lamp because the nest must always remain hot
  • confortable basket for labor & delivery
  • a lot of clean sheets and towels
  • sterile forceps and scissors in case the dog would have problems cutting the cords
  • antiseptic for the cords
  • pear if a puppy has his airways blocked
  • hot water bottles
  • scale to weigh the puppies at birth
  • Sometimes you will need to intervene a little to help your dog to remove the fetal membranes, cut and tie off the cords, to help clear the airways of puppies. Sometimes you willeven have to resuscitate a puppy.

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