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2009-07-10 The first born of the third LITTER OF MY mIMI AT 1year and two month old Photo of the gorgeous Charlotte, 1 year old, female of the third LITTER od Mimi, did you see the hair!!! Really wonderful!
2009-07-10 Last born of LITTER 3 of my Mimi at 1 year and 2 months old Photo of my teacup Mia, at 1 year old 2 months, 3rd LITTER of Mimi,little sister of Charlotte!
2009-05-13 Section concerning dog's training. Why should we train a dog, how is a dog thinking, becoming a pack leader and more.
2009-05-13 New photo of the little Diloo with his big friend Oscar beautiful golden retreiver Great photos of the little Diloo when she has about 9 months with his friend Oscar 11 years
2009-05-07 Dog's sterilization Why should we sterilize, castrate, neuter our male or female dog? When should we schedule the operation.
2009-04-26 Yorkshire terrier male of 2 years old available for breeding in montreal. Niki, small male yorkshire at 2 years old.
2009-04-26 Niki, adorable teacup, toy yorkie mâle of 18 months. Niki, miniature yorkie mal at 1 year and a half.
2009-04-26 Photo of Balloo and Bozo, adorable yorkie dogs. HTribute to the little female yorkie Balloo and the small Bozo that already leaft us.
2009-04-26 New photo of yorkshire miniature Diloo Gorgeous photos of Diloo yorkie whan she was 8.5 months.
2009-04-04 SEXY YORKSHIRE TERRIER MIA - quick version Yorkishire terrier female at her first heat cycle.
2009-04-04 SEXY YORKSHIRE TERRIER MIA - medium version Yorkie terrier teacup female in heat at 10 months.
2009-04-04 SEXY YORKSHIRE TERRIER MIA - version integral Yorkshire terrier miniature of 10 months old in heat.
2009-04-04 Chanelle yorkie's baby at 3 months Male and female Yorkshires Terriers YORKIEMINI at 3 months, 2ième LITTER of Chanelle and gushi.
2009-04-04 New pictures of yorkshire miniature Diloo Cute photos of female yorkie Diloo when she was 7 months old.
2009-04-04 New beloved dog! Little Basile 7 months Beautiful miniature pinscher mix with yorkie, 7 months in photos.
2009-03-24 Section to announce lost and found dog If you lost your pet, place his photo and description here.
2009-03-13 New beloved dog! Little Basile 3 months Beautiful yorkshire terrier puppy tha live in Rouen, in France with her friend, the big black golden retreiver Oscar.

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