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Unwanted Pregnancy

Females dog can procreate to an old age.
But it can sometimes be life-threatening because the delivery and breeding can exhaust your poor little female if she is too old, especially for a dog who has never had babies.

If a male dog mate your little female dog without this being desired, there are some things you can do to stop an unwanted pregnancy if that might be potentially life-threatening to your small little female (especially if she is old or if the male that mate her is bigger than her, specially in yorkie mating)

How to interrupt pregnancy
Several treatments are possible, depending on the time elapsed since the mating.

We can terminate/interrupt a pregnancy up to the 45th day of gestation.

In the early days of the pregnancy
we perform an abortion by administering estrogen. This type of abortion have a lot of contraindication of the heat cycle of the dog and even her future fertility.

We can also abort the bitch with Aziline which is much safer but also much more expensive!

Towards the 25th day of gestation

Instead, we will conduct an abortion by prostaglandins.

This type of abortions is less dagerous for your dog but than the ones that are made in the first days...but it is a lot less confortable for your dog since she dhave to expulse the embryos.

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