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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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Mating of yorkshires terriers miniatures

LITTERs of Mimi

 LITTER 1 - 2 puppies born march 26, 2005

 LITTER 2 - 4 puppies born january 22, 2007

 LITTER 3 - 4 puppies born may 05, 2008
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Les portées de Mimi

 Portée 1 - 2 chiots nés le 26 mars 2005

 Portée 2 - 4 chiots nés le 22 janvier 2007

 Portée 3 - 4 chiots nés le 05 mai 2008

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