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The language of your dog - BARKING

You must first find THE CAUSE OF THE BARKING .

-Does your dog barks when you leave him home alone

- Does your dog barks to defend its territory or to remove a threat?

One of the options available to you is to teach your dog to bark and stop on your order.

How to control the barking of your dog

It is Better to start as soon as possible to train your puppy about it.
Although your dog is small and you find his barking cute and charming he asks you to eat, he asks to play, etc..
Resist at the urge of satisfying its demand ... so adorable he is!

Otherwise your dog will understand the lesson that his barking has been rewarded and his barking would become stronger each time.

To teach him not to bark, do not give him what he wants if he asks for it with a bark!

Reward him every time he rather not barks.

Il existe aussi sur le marché plusieurs objets pouvant vous aider du moins temporairement.

  • Des colliers anti-aboiement électrostatique
  • Des colliers anti-aboiement électrostatiques à télécommande( plus chers mais plus efficace)
  • Des colliers anti-aboiement à la citronelle ( moins chers mais selon mon expérience ne servent à rien!!!)
  • Des émetteurs d'ultra-son portatifs

  • Je vous conseille de plutôt entraîner votre chien. Cela vous sera beaucoup plus profitable à tous les 2 à la longue. There are also several items on the market that can help for barking control...but they are at my point of vu only temporarily solution to help you.

  • anti bark dog collars electrostatic ( for Static Bark Control )

  •       •Gentle and effective
          •Adjustable stimulation level
          •Effective on any size dog

  • anti bark collars remote electrostatic (more expensive but more effective)

  • anti bark collars with lemongrass (cheaper but from my experience are useless!!!)

  • Ultrasonic Bark Control

          •Safe and effective
          •Takes advantage of your dogs sensitive hearing
          •Emits a 2-second ultrasonic tone

  • The problem with all these things .... our dog does not wear his collar (this is to be avoided and the problem persists ).... so when these objects are not required to wear hand.
    I suggest you rather train your dog. It will be much more profitable every 2 over time.

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