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Yorkshire terrier dog's language - BARKING

EXCESSIVE barking of your dog

When our dog barks frequently, it can quickly become annoying to our neighbors.

It is also very unpleasant for us to hear the barking for the slightest noise and at any times.

When a dog barks constantly at every little noise, when the door bell ring, hearing the doo open, and continues despite the order to stop ... it is very likely that this behavior has been teached to the dog byhuman and this, perhaps even by you, without you have do it consciously ...

Je vous explique:

Lorsque votre chien s'élance vers la porte en aboyant, que faites-vous?

Let me explain:

When your dog rushes to the door barking, what are you doing?
Run up behind him telling him "quiet, do not bark, I know there is someone.

If you do that, what your dog understands by the sound of your voice is that you reward him and are praisinghim for having alerted you by barking.


Are you more othe king of person that will then scream louder than that your dog?
If yes, you will only increase his state of excitement and it will bark even more.

In this case, when your dog starts to bark, try to get his attention to something else, taking a toy for example.

how to control your dog's barking, CLICK HERE

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