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Does your dog pulling on the leash when you are talking a walk with your yorkie?

Does your dog is so happy and excited to see you again that he jump over you when you get back home ?

Does your dog always obeys you when you tell him a command, or does your yorkie obeys your commands only when he fell like it?

Training your dog will help you overcome all these bad dog's behaviors and a better communication between you and your little dog will be possible.

A DOG THINK IN A VERY SIMPLE WAY but so different from the way human are thinking!

A lot of dog master often forget that a dog does not think and reason the same way as human but he has his own way of seeing things that is very different from ours!

Nous sommes des êtres réagissants à notre environnement d'après nos émotions alors que nos chiens réagissent plutôt de façon instinctive et/ou conditionnée à ce qui les entour.


It is therefore useless to transposed our reactions to try to understand ourdogs or puppies!

We try to "train" our dog by making them understand what you want from them ...
But so we often forget that a dog will never be motivated by what the other wants but he will do only what is good for him. It is not that he does not care about what we want but rather that he has no idea that his "master" might want something else than what he wants himself.

If you want to shape the behavior of our little puppy, they must motivate exploiting precisely this last thing! They do what they like, so try to teach them to love them your instructions ...

For a dog there is neither good nor bad action or behavior

How to understand and analyze the behavior of dogs is really different from how we analyse human's behavior.

Dogs do not know if an action is good or bad ... all he knows is if she is pleasant or unpleasant, and especially if it has a pleasant or unpleasant consequence for him.

When we try to understand our dog, we always have to keep that in mind.
Dogs do not really have negative behavior.

If your yorkie puppy or fully grown dog eat your shoes,it's not for revenge ... if he peed in the wrong places is surely not to make you angry!

You should catch your dog doing the bad behavior if you want to punish him for doing wrong ... otherwise he will be unable to connect thew consequence with the fact of doing something wrong.

In brief, it is absolutely useless to reprimand your dog more than several second after the end of the bad behavior .... well that this may further mix and it will be even harder to understand you!!

What your dog's understand

When you raise your voice against your dog to reprimand him... .. all he understands is that at this precise moment you are not happy... when you reprimand him, If he get back with his ears down and his tail between its legs ... it's not because he feels guilty for having disobeyed your command but rather he only instantly give you a direct response to your unhappy tone of voice.

Concrete example of canine reasoning

  • You leave your dog or puppy home alone. When you get back home, you discover that your little doggie made a beautiful mess.

  • The first mistake is to believe that he did this mess because he wants to show you that he was not happy being alone ... (this is a typically human emotional reaction) Your dog probably panic because he felt the fear of being alone.

    He felt a big stress and he was not able to control that stress.
    He probably start with the 100 steps, then cry, then being increasingly stressed he made a bigger mess to relieve the tension he feels (for example: pee or poop at the wrong place, or shredding a shoe ...if it's a big dog, some dogs even managed to smash a wall so he wanted to join, to find their master!)

    When you get home and you discover the damage, it is useless to scold, reprimand your dog because it does not even know he did something wrong.

    All that he would learned from that is that when you get back home, he must be verycareful because you might reprimand him if you're in a bad mood.

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