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BECOME the Pack Leader

The adult dog absolutely need a master (which will train it) to be happy.

If this is not the case and the owner of the dog let him do whatever he wants, the dog, however small it may be, instinctively believe that heis the boss of the house... that he has the rank of the leader of your pack and from this moment do not think he will obey your orders ... because for him, you are a subordinate and he believes he's the boss!

Small dogs are often so small and cute that people tend to forget that they are adult dogs and should be treated like dogs and not like spoiled children!


Yorkshire terrier breed ARE very intelligent and they often take avantage of it because they are so adorable and Cutes their master gives them everything they want in their everyday lives.

It's really not uncommon to see that it is the tiny 3 lbs yorkie who reigns as king and master of the house .... of an owner who gives him the place of the pack leader!


The small DOGGY would be crazy not to take the place if you let him!

BE THE CHIEF, the leader IN your OWN HOME

The small DOGGY would be crazy not to take the place if you let him!

This requires discipline on your part because you must always be consistent in your orders, commands in front of your dog.

But do not forget that if you want a dog's Training to works, he must see you as his master, his pack leader, otherwise he will tend not to listen to your orders, or at least only when he feel like it and it does not disturb him in what he is doing.

In summary, here is the behaviors that you must take to be the leader of your pack.

Some tips to make your dog understand that you are the boss:
  1. Be always confident when you give an ordered to your dog but do never be aggressive or spiteful..

  2. Be consistent in your actions. Always react the same way for a specific situation.
  3. Always be the only one that decide whan it is play time and the duration of the play time.
  4. Never let your dog take a stand against you
Some tips to make your dog understand that you are the boss:
  • Does your dog sleep with you?

    To help the dog understand that you are the leader, it is not recommend to leave him free to move throughout all the house. It is preferable to restrict access to certain rooms, such as your bedroom so that he understands that you are the boss and you decide.

    Insctinctively, dogs will tend to sleep in your room, and even in your bed if you let him because these places smelled strongly like you.Your odor is impregante in these places.
    You dog will also automatically select your preferred seat for a nap!

    To take your place as pack leader, tell him with a firm voice "get down" or "no".

    I'll admit that despite all this, I could never limit myself to apply this rule with my little doggies I sleep with my little love and I will not give up that little pleasure for all the world. My little male Lenny loves to sleep near me... he like to press himelf against me...he loves to sleep spoon beside me and I love it, it keeps me warm!

    If your dog is a big breed dog, to affirm his superiority he might maybe goes down, decide to sleep and lie down in places that will block the way ", as in the door frame (you must pass over him).You must Insist that your dog get out of your way when you need to pass, especially never cross over him....he need to get up and let the ways free for you whan you eish to pass.

  • Your dog should eat after YOU as the pack leader is always the first to eat.
    When you prepare the meal, do not give him anything, no small piece here and there.Il should eat only when you're done.

    Do not let your dog whining around you when you are eating, a big NO sit and stay should make him go back and show him that you don't like and tolerate whining when you are eating.

    Note: All family members should act the same way with the dog if you want him to stop the bad behavior ... otherwise...the dog will continue with some of the family member and it will not be the fault of the dog!

    How the dog is suppose to understand that sometimes it is rewarding to behave in a way ( begging for food) while at other times this gesture is innaceptable?? Poor little yorkie dog .... he will just all be mixed up!

    if you cannot control your dog, simply do not let him be into the room where you eat when you are eating.
  • If you plan to use treats and toys as a reward during training, do not give those treats and toys to you dog outside the training sessions. The toys you give the dog récomprense must be withdrawn outside the training sessions.
  • During the training period, the BEST THING is to give hugs, stokes to your dog only to reward a good behavior and not when he asked.

    I will admit that this is really impossible to do with my littles yorkies! I love to stroke, pet,cuddle them so much!

    Small dogs are truly expert in the art of manipulating their master, they are so cute you can barely resist them!

    As in my case! When my little Mia 2 lbs cries bacause she wants to be picked up .... how to resist ... when my little Lenny looks at me all pitiful and crying for a hug .... it's very difficult to resist his request! If he is punished he will not win for sure .... but otherwise .... I confess one of my weaknesses!!

    In general, you should not feel guilty if you do not respond positively when your dog ask you to pet or cuddle him for nothing, he should understand this way that hugs and kisses are rewards.

    When your dog will be train proprely, you will be able to pet , cuddle him at any times you wish but if you feel your dog starts to feel like the leader (this is more en frequent with dominant trend dogs ) go back to the stroke, cuddle only as a reward, only when he deserve it

    If you only get to follow these tips, you'll see a big improvement in the behavior of your dog, he will be nice and obey you.

    Dogs in general are feeling more confident and safe with a person who has authority.
    The important thing for you is to be consistent with your dog, which is forbidden today ... should not be allowed tomorrow. Otherwise he will be all mix up and can no longer be sure how to react.

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