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I would tell you that it really depends on the character of your dog.
Some dog well behaved almost naturally, while others do as they want and are so disobedient we have no choice!
it is either the training ... nor you are going crazy!
If you are in this case, do not wait another minute and jump into the action right now ... your life will be much easier when you and your dog will be on the same wavelength and that your dog will be obedient and disciplined.
  • Is your dog pulls you all the time when you hold him with a leash

  • Is your dog jump over you when you get home because he is so happy to see you again

  • Is your dog always obeys your command, or just when he likes it

  • The training of your dog will help you overcome all these behaviors and a better communication between you and your dog will be possible.

    Traning your little YORKIE?

    The Yorkie puppies are always very cute .... and believe me they know this and take advantage of it if their master does not know how to take his place!

    Miniature Yorkshire Terriers often have , a lot of character and as they are extra smart, they often come to handle their master without difficulty. This is not because they are small and cute that you should have them easily led you by the nose!

    It seems sometimes with yorkie: the spirit of a big dog is in the body of a mini dog....they are so braves and courageous sometimes!

    When a dog is capable of thinking of pretending to pee when she sees us in the bathroom just to get a treat ....... imagine what it can do to manipulate us!
    (My little Mia is really good at that and she often pretend, she turns in circles several times on the doggy pad and then she looks at us as if she had wet ... sometimes even when she sees that her attempted did not work .... she returns on the training pads and forces herself to do something until a small drop of pee fall ...just to get a treat!!!!)

    Small Yorkies will often pretend not know and will disobey you just to test you and test the limit you set .... you have to be constant and scold them every time!

    For example:
    My dogs are not allowed to eat on my bed, of course!

    Despite that my little Mia from time to time, she climb on my bed with a rawhidebone despite she knows very well that it is forbidden.

    I affirm with certainty that she knows it is forbidden because I only have to take a look at her and tell her "mia,NO" and she instantly run down the bed with her rawbone ...
    Small yorkie generally understand very quickly but if you do not show them who is the master,the leader of the pack, they will obey only when they feel like it... such as when a treat iswaiting for them! The remaining time they may doonly what they want!

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