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Yorkie for the ... INTIMATE and friends!
The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that is among the most popular breeds in the world.

It was in 1870 that the first Yorkshire Terrier like current model on display was presented.

The first official standard as we know it today, however, appeared in 1898.

The Yorkshire appeared after several crosses between Skye terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Manchester Terrier and Maltese.

In fact, this breed came from a test made by miners who wanted a small enough dog to hunt rats in the drifts.

Originally it was bigger (about 6kg) than the Yorkshire terrier standars of the breed we know them today.

Over the crosses, becoming the yorkshire itself become smaller than the the rat, he could not really do the job he was suppose to do first and was somewhat neglected.

This breed has almost disappeared but those little balls of love on 4 legs had no trouble winning the hearts of lovers of small breed dogs.

Today the yorkie is a very samll dog, but he never forgotten its Terrier roots and would be able to hunt any vermin, which is quite inadvisable for its long fur, which must be maintained.
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