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Monthly grooming and care for miniature yorkshire terrier         View photos of the bath

We all like to have a clean little dog that smelling good but DO NOT WASH YOUR DOG TOO OFTEN if you do not want to destroy the natural oil that protects its skin and hair.

The bath  ( click here to view photos ! )

1) Wet your dog

If your dog has long hair, it may be easier to comb and untangle his hair before wetting it.

2) Soap your dog everywhere

Yorkshire often have very sensitive skin. Choosing a good shampoo for dogs is very important.
Never use product for human to wash your yorkie because the PH of the skin of your little treasure is not the same as the ph of a human and that could cause itching.

Recommend Shampoo

I recommend a very gentle dog shampoo in all cases.

If your dog has sensitive skin
you'll surely have more difficult to find a shampoo that suits him.

I advise you to use Oatmeal dog shampoos with sensitive skin or shampoos for puppies.
This is the case of my female MiMi who has extremely sensitive and dry skin. I have tried almost all dogs shampoos sold on the market before I have one that suits her skin: Phytosoin Puppy hampoo.

If your dog does not have particularly sensitive skin
he will probably tolerate any good puppy and dog shampoos sold on the market.

3) Rinse thoroughly everywhere

This step is VERY IMPORTANT . Take the time to really rinse well to remove all traces of product to avoid skin irritation or itching.

4) Soak the hair

The mini yorkie puppy's are sensitive to cold
When you take the dog out of the bath, wrap him in a towel and pat him gently with the towel.
Once the towel is wet, change towel. Keep the dog in this second towel a few minutes and make sure your Yorkie does not tremble because he's cold. Blot the wet dog with a towel for several minutes.

5) Dry

If necessary (if it is cold) dry out the hair with a hairdryer while brushing your dog.

If it is hot outside, you can let the hair dry naturally ..... It is a lot of fun to watch your little yorkie who is trying to dry his hair itself byrunning and jumping around! Really funny to see.

6) Brushing

In my case I prefer to use a comb to properly remove all nodes in the hair of my dogs.
My dogs do not like this particular stage, especially Lenny who has very long and thick hair but they know that's part of life for yorkies!

If a node is too hard to undo Do not hesitate to cut it with scissors.
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