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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
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The adult dog needs a master to be happy.
Many owners of small, teacup, toy and miniature dogs do not realize that.

Their dogs even if they are small and cute , they still are dogs!

Give them too much love or let them do whatever they want is not good for them.
Do not let your dog become to dependent of you. He would suffer from anxiety of separation when you have to leave him home alone... the poor baby!

No dog is born with behavioral problems. Dog bad behavior always come from poor contact with humans.

Dominate your dog is the most important thing!

We often tend to treat our dog as a family member, as a human being and forget that he thinks differently from us.

We love them so much those little balls of love that sometimes some of them end up believing that they are the king and masterof the house.

Do not blame your dog for this! As long as you do not treat him like an instinctive animal, if he has the slightest dominant fiber,he will feel like the leader, the chief in your house.
The dog is a creature that lives in packs where there is a leader.

To be happy and feel save, your dog needs to know what is his rank in your pack.

Be consistent and never let yourself dominate because your dog will insctinctively try to take the place of the pack leader if you give him the chance.
It's actually instinctual in dogs to try to take the leader's place in the pack if he has the opportunity and the place is available!

Does your dog always enter in a room before you?
Does your dog touch you with his little paw when he wants to get your attention?

The way he use to dominate you can be very suptile and you might do not really noticing it but do not let things like that happen. La façon de vous dominer peut être suptile et il se peut que vousa ne vous en aperceviez pas vraiment mais il ne faut pas laisser les choses comme cela.

ALWAYS REMEBER THAT SENTENCE: >>> You have to dominate your dog, or he will dominate you!

So what do you prefer?

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