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Despite its small size, The miniature Yorkshire Terrier is a sturdy dog and not a lot of line of descent of this breed are carriers of disease.

The Yorkshire is even part of the dogs whose longevity is longer, when his master knows how to give proper care and when the little dog is well maintained physically and "mentally" throughout its existence, he can live a very long and beautiful life.

We must still be careful when we choose a yorkshire terrier puppy and it is very important to ask question about the genetic history of the line of descent to be sure it comes from a line without health problems.

Despite being very small, to stay healthy yorkie the need to exercise regularly, even when he gets older.

Yorkshire is a small dog breed, it is not immune to the disease affecting dogs miniature. I'll talk in detail in the next section about these health problems.

Exercise and good nutrition is the key to good health for your dog as much as for you!

The Yorkshire Terrier is indeed predisposed to the following illness:
(see next section for details)
  • tartar
  • persistant baby tooth
  • instability or dislocation of joints
  • Tracheal collapse that caused little cough worsened with age

  • Other diseases that rarely happens
  • liver problems
  • necrosis of the femoral head (Legg-Perthes disease)
  • congenital hydrocephalus brain type cervical Atlanto-axial instability type

  • A HEALTHY YORKSHIRE TERRIER DOG should have the following physiological characteristics:
    (Take these mesures when the dog is at rest for at least 30 minutes after exercise)

    Rectal Temperature 38.2 to 38.8 °C
    Pulse 70 at 130 heartbeats / minute
    Respiration 15 to 21 respirations / minute
    For older dogs: take the lower values.
    For adult dogs : rely on central values
    Puppies: rely on higher values.

    If you find that your dog has physiological signs which do not fall within these values, repeat the mesures several time, before getting alarm. If the measures remain different from normal, consult your veterinarian.

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