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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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Rawhide bone and other products for the dental hygiene of your yorkshire terrier fully grown dog or puppy

It exists on the market a very large variety of rawhide bone and other products for the dental hygiene of your dogs.

When I had my first little yorkie Mimi, I bought everything you need to brush her teeth because I knew that the Yorkshire tend to accumulate tartar.
- Dog toothbrush
- Small rubber thing to put on your finger ... (like a rubber thimble)
- Special toothpaste for dogs
- Small electric brush

I try everything but my little Mimi hated it so much. I hade to find another solution.

So I put everything in the trash and decided to adopt another tactic with her.

Method to prevent accumulation of tartar on the teeth of my little Yorkshires Terriers YORKIEMINIature dog Mimi
(as well as my other dogs and puppies)
I left my yorkie permanently rawhide bones , and often after meals, they takes one and nibbles, chew one , which cleans their teeth.

1 at 2 times a week I give a product specially designed for the dental health of dogs as dentabone, DENTASTIX but they are softer than rawhide boen and my little yorkie eat them so quickly!!! I'm sure that help the teeth of my yorkie, and i've got proove: I'm using rawhide bone and other specific dental dog product since 6 years with my Mimi and she has no trace of dental tartar and plaque. My 2 other dogs Lenny, who is almost 5 years and Mia 1 year 1/2 did not hace tartar either, so ....It must be good since i never brush the teeth of my dogs!!!!

While it is not a scientifically proven method, Let's say I found my magic receipe to prevent accumulation of tartar on the teeth of my dogs!

 A) Os de cuir dur
There exist a wide variety and models of rawhide bone on the market. Small yorkies prefer some of them.
Small sticks and small bone-shaped.


Your little yorkie might choke swallowing them, I find them very dangerous.

 A) Rawhide Bone that are softer and other products for dental hygiene
There are a very wide variety of models of more soft rawhide on the market. Small yorkies love them all because they are easier to eat!

The problem with this kind of bone is that the little yorkie did wolf the bone down!

The dentastyx and dentabone type are also reaaly goodfor the teeth of your little darling.
I give my yorkshire terrier that kind of bone, 1 to 2 times a week, not more.

The rest of the time they were always make available for them hard rawhide and they use them to clean their teeth!

I get all of my puppies use to eat and nibble rawhide bonesand they love it!!

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