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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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Basic dog care

 - Food   - Training pad   - Bed/Cage   - Treats   - Rawhide Bone   - Harness and Collar  - Dog Step   - Toy 

The yorkie is a very small dog but has a big appetite!

You'll have some shopping to do to properly prepare the house for the arrival of your puppy!

Here is a list of the main things you'll need tobe ready to provide for your all your puppy needed!
1. Yorkshire terrier miniature puppy recommended food
Brand: Natural choice dog food
Type: Start with puppy foodPour chiot pour commencer
Quantity: TGive 3 meals per day when they still puppy. You can cut that to 2 meals a day when you yorkie is fully grown adult. But I still prefer to give my yorkshire 3 small meals a day. Specialy for my little teacup Mia , she is so mall that she has to eat often.

The Yorkie is very small and very energetic he may suffer from hypoglycemia attack if he is not fed regularly. Teacup dog can even die of it.

You have to be careful and very attentive if your yorkie is a teacup...always him/her check after playing a lot. ... If he/she fell almost dead in him\her bed ... give right away a few bites of food or a half a teaspoon of dietary supplement for dog.

It is very important to always feed a small puppy miniature enough..

SIMPLE TRICK to verify that:
It is normal to slightly feel the ribs of a small dog when you touch her/him back ... but I do mean very slightly. You have to barely feel them.
>>>>When you touch your puppy, if you feel its spine and ribs a lot under your fingertips, this is a sign that he/she is too skinny. Give him more food right away.
>>>> If you do not feel at all your dog's ribs ... it is perhaps maybe because he/she eat to much!
Les petits yorkies mini qui viennent d'ici sont toujours de vrais petits cochons gourmands! On pourrait aisément croire qu'ils n'ont pas de fond! All the mini yorkies who come from my family breeding are always real greedy little pigs! We could easily believe they have no bottom!

Natural Choice .... Very good for the yorkie's hair as it contains flax oil that is very good for the dog.

best-food-healthy-diet-for-yorkshire-terrier-dog-and-puppy2 best-food-healthy-diet-for-yorkshire-terrier-dog-and-puppy3 best-food-healthy-diet-for-yorkshire-terrier-dog-and-puppy4

NOTE: Do not forget to buy a small bowl for the dog food and an other one for its water.

I do not recommend plastic bowl especially for water because odors tends toaccumulate more easily with this kind of material.

Opt for flat metal or stoneware bowl.

1. Vitamin recommended for yorkshire terrier miniature puppy
I strongly recommend you to have a tube of nutripet dietary supplement for dog and to give some from time to time to your puppy.

The mini yorkie puppies are full of energy and loves to play but they are so small and can quickly exhausted their energy reserves so they can make hypoglycemia crisis.

This occurs when your puppy faint or pass out and absolutely no more energy. If this is the case, there is an emergency and you have to quickly put a bit of nutripet in his mouth. Your yorkie can die if his blood sugar level does not get higher quickly.He has to eat something right away. To avoid such a hypoglycemia crisis, I recommend to give nutripet ( or other dog's dietary supplement), from 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon a day, betwwen meals, especially when your dog plays a lot . That will help to avoid him using all his energy reserves.

If your puppy eats his meals well (and in the case of mini yorkie coming from here, this is usually the case, they get the appetite of their mother Mimi) You are not obliged to give nutripet every day but it's good to still give it regularly until your dog reach adult size. nutripet-dietary-supplement-for-dog-vitamins

Available at your veterinarian office

I strongly not recommend that.
If you give your dog plenty of table food, he will end up automatically being fussy and picky and he will not want to eat his dog's food anymore and that is not good for the healh of your dog.
The bites for dogs are very important for the health of your dog or puppy because it is a balanced diet for small dogs and masticatrion of it is also very good for dental health of your dog.

But it is certain that nobody can resist the temptation of giving a small bites of our our poor little dog, that seem to be so hungry, when he watch us eat with his big round eyes....

With my little wonderful yorkies, when we eat, I never tolerated begginig. I never let them beg at my feet. If i decide to give them a bite of table food, that is always at the end of my meal, never during my meal and they know so they don't beg.

TIP 1>>> At each meal, you can mix a small amount ( teaspoon ) of soft food with his dog bites until the little puppy his going to pooh normally. This will help make the pooh softer, so it will be easier for your puppy to go.

After a few days if he has normal poohs, stop soft food because your little one may become fussy and no longer want to eat his dry bites!

TIP 2>>> You can also give him, with a dropper, a few drops of mineral oil once a day until the POOHs return to normal.

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