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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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It is the best time for mating dog - Mating time arrived for your yorkshire terrier !

Preliminaries - First Steps to a Successful Mating.

The little bitch is not ready yet ...

but almost ready...the bitch becomes very coy and playful. She will be very solicitous to all males. But she is still not ready to stand and be mated.She can act a little weird .. sometimes have strange behavior.

For example:

"She can try to mount the she was the male!!! It's so funny to see that. Some male allowed the female to mount them and stay there without moving ( it is usually easy to the female to do that to the male because she is always bigger than the small male), while other male dont like to be dominate by the female and tries to liberate themself from the arms of the female who hold him firmly. They sometimes have difficulty to free themself from the arms of the female because they are smaller than the female.

The bitch is now ready for mating and she accepts his partner.,

The bitch is now ready for mating, usually between the 9th and 14th days from the onset of the heat period. Conception has its best chance between the 11th and 14th days, with the 12th and 13th days considered as the optimum. During the third phase, the bitch will encourage all males and will stand to be mated, thrusting her tail aside. The male will mount the female holding her with his legs and he will make movements with his pelvis to trigger ejaculation. Here, again, you will have to keep a close watch on her if you don't want to mate or wish to avoid a mismating. The urge to mate will be very strong at this time and the bitch will make every effort to get out.

Eventually the base of the penis begins to swell inside the female and 2 lovers and remain attached until the ejaculation is finish and the penis returns to its normal size. ... This may take 1 hour sometimes, but with yorkie it usually take about 10 to 15 minutes to all the process.

It is recommended that at least two mating are done a few days apart because it can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact day of ovulation.

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