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NEW LITTER BORN March 08, 2014!
See photos of our last puppies at one month old!
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puppy for sale
Litter 7
(Born: March 08, 2014)
  New Born  
  Puppies at 1 month  
  7 weeks old  
  The mother  
  The father  

Litter 6
(Born: 24th may, 2012)
  New Born Puppies  
  12 days puppies  
  The mother  
  The father  

Litter 5
(Born June 15, 2010)
  At 10 weeks  
  At 7 weeks  
  The Mother  
  The Father  
In their new
  Still puppy  

Litter 4
(Born October 31, 2009)
  Newborns Puppies  
    At 3 weeks  
    At 4-5 weeks  
    At 6 weeks  
    At 8 weeks  
    At 9 weeks  
  The Mother  
  The Father  
In their
new family
  Still puppy  
  Fully grown  
Litter 3
(Born May 05, 2008)
  Newborns Puppies  
  At 5 weeks  
  6 At 8 weeks  
  The Mother  
  The Father  
In their
new family
  Still puppy  
  At 8 months  
  Fully grown  

Litter 2
(Born January 22, 2007)
  Newborns Puppies  
  At 5 weeks  
  At 8 weeks  
  The Mother  
  The Father  
In their
new family
  Still puppy  
  Fully grown  
Litter 1
((Born March 26, 2005)
  At 3 weeks  
  Fully grown  
  The Mother  
  The Father  

Yorkie Mini , yorkshire puppy at 7 weeks old in Montreal   Female     Male  



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