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Sign to watch for when delivery is near, imminent

Some signs can tell you that your dog will give birth soon.

When you find that your dog begins to change their behavior if it is around 60 days of pregnancy, I advise you to take a rectal temperature, 1 to 2 times a day.

body temperature
When you find that your dog begins to change their behavior and if she is over 58 days of pregnancy, I advise you to take a rectal temperature of 1 time per day. I think it is a sign that never fails.

Body temperature in dogs is 38.5 ° C.(A normal dog temperature hovers around 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit)
When you see a drop of 1 degree, or when the temperature drops to 37.5 ° C. or more you know that your dog will give birth within 24 hours.( in fareinheit: temperature drop down to 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit and held for two readings taken twelve hours apart signals impending delivery within the next 24 hours.)

This drop in temperature is due to the sharp drop of progesterone (the hormone that maintains pregnancy) which will cause early contractions and also to a concomitant rise in estrogen.


The dog loses appetite usually 24 hours before delivery.

This is also a good indicator in case you have a little greedy as my MIMI!
This is really amazing to see my little Mimi, who is always hungry suddenly refuses her food!
Check that their is always a lot of water available for your little yorkie princess.

Other body signs

Agitation and nervousness
Several days before each delivery, my Mimi became very nervous and is looking for a quiet, safe from her point of vue to make a "nest" for her little babies. She picks up paper, clothing and stuffed and bring them into its nest!

Nesting behavior is usually displayed by a bitch in the 24-48 hours proceeding delivery, although some females begin a little sooner. We must stop her from going under the beds because that wouldbe her favorite places to get his little delivery nest. She could give birth there and it would not be safe for her. When the small bitch give birth, it is always better to keep an eye on her to ensure that everything goes normally.

You have to provide your bitch with a suitable whelping box...choose a quiet corner to install it.We install the whelping box for mimi several weeks before she can get use to the place and fell safe in it.

Some dogs may be aggressive towards strangers while others will need more affection from their master during that period.

Other tangible signs

We can also observe a clear vaginal discharge from the vulva, which is inflated.

These breasts will be engorged with milk from about 1 week before labor and delivery.

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