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The language of your yorkshire terrier miniature dog - HOWLING

It is really fun to hear the howling of my little Mimi whenever she hears my voice on my answering machine!

But why does it howl like that?

Does she try to stay in contact with me by howling like that, is she howling because she wants to keep in touch with me, who is a member of her pack , when I am outside the house.

Wolves instinctively howl to stay in contact with members of their pack who went out hunting.

Howl is also a "contagious phenomenon" somehow .... when a member of the pack howls .... all members begin to howl in unison with him ... My little Mimi perhaps begin to howl at the sound of my voice on the answering machine just to accompany my voice ( for her maybe she consider it like my howl!!!!)

The sound of siren, bell can sometimes trigger also howl in your little doggie.

Well there might be another plausible explanation for the howl of mimi .... before my answering machine goes off course ... we hear the phone ring and at the end of my message a big beep is heard !

There are actually several types of Howl in dogs.

If you have a small male lover ...
and the female he loves living a little bit far away .... it could be that your little dog howls for her in the hope that she will hear its beautiful love song, serenade ...

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