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Dog's labor and delivery

Some dogs give birth without any noise while others may gasp, breathe deeply and even moan and groan.

Sometimes, the fact that our dog gasp and breathfaster over time is a sign that the labor work as start slowly and that our little pregnant female has slight contractions.

The first puppy is usually deliver between 30 minutes and 2 hours after the labor began.

The time between two puppies can vary from minutes to several hours.

Generally the time which has elapsed between the delivery of 2 puppies is not more than 4 hours.

If your dog a lot of efforts, if she has strong contractions, but no puppy comes out after an hour, the puppy may be stuck and you must consulted your veterinarian urgently.

Stages of the labor delivery in female dog

1) The expulsion of the pup

The dog licks her vulva frequently.
When the head of the puppies appears, the abdominal contractions increase.
Most puppies comes head first.
Abdominal contractions are now visible. The dog expels the puppy in a amniotic bag.

2) Ripping of the amniotic bag and cutting the cord

Instinctively, the mother pierced the amniotic bag and lick the puppy to make him breathe. She after eat the amniotic bag.

It is believed that this promotes the emptying of the uterus (after delivery, if there are retained pieces of placenta in the uterus, it will be empty and return to its normal size) and milk production.

It is best not to intervene and let the bich eat each placenta.

If the litter is very big, which never happens in the case of the Yorkshire terrier, it should be recommend to not les the dog eat every placenta, since it may be to much.

If the puppy is not breathing, you need to stimulate her breathing, rubbing the puppy in a towel and using the bulb to free his airways.

3) The first puppy grooming

The mother licks the pups which stimulate their urination and defecation reflex.

The puppies need a little help to empty their bladder and bowel.

4) The first feed

As the puppies are blind, the mother directs the puppies toward her teats and the puppies can suckle and have their first feed.

5) well-deserved rest
All this beautiful little family will rest and sleep for hours.The puppies stick to their mothers giving them security and warmth.

Red-brownish flows, that don't smell, can appear and are normal in the first 2 to 6 weeks postpartum.

If you notice anyflows that smell bad of from a different color or if your dog seems unwell, do not hesitate and consult a good veterinarian right away.

TAILS and pins cut in the yorkie worthy of the name

For Yorkshire Terrier, it is recommend to cut the tails and dewclaws of the puppies, in their first 3 days of life, to prevent them to feel pain.

At the same time you can have the new yorkie mother check by the vet to make sure everything is ok.

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