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Every yorkie has its own personality.

Sometimes, my little female yorkie Mimi is very independent . I bring her with me as long as my other yorkies to visit my parents who spoil them all.

When it's time to leave, Mia and Lenny follow me to the door .... and what do Mimi?? She looks at me fromthe other side of the room, still lying in her basket ... she decided to stay!

My parents love my little yorkies .... so it's ok, I let MiMi with my parent for the night and I leave home without her!

Lenny is my reel pot of glue and that is 24 hours a day, he seems so unhappy when I'm not around ....

They are all Real little balls of love and affection

The Yorkie is an excellent little pet for almost everyone.

It is a very sweet dog and very affectionate.

They love human so much!!!
It's a small dog that can adapt to almost anyone...they will always try to please their masters.

Very sociable dog

A yorkie doesn't like to be alone too often and when you are at home ... he will follow you everywhere .... like if he were a real pot of glue!!

If your lifestyle requires you to leave your little yorkie often alone, you better buy another small yorkie to keep him company!

My little yorkie can seem to be into a deep sleep but I just have to whisper "who want to go ouside with me" and instantly everyone is up, ready to go rush to the door jumping up and down full of energy, so happy to go out! They are really cute and fun to see!

It is also a very sociable dog who loves to socialize with other animals.

Big and small dogs!!!
Terrier before eveything!

Despite the fact that he likes being in the comfort of your home, the yorkie will always be deep down a real Terrier and will always be a good vermin hunter.

It can run so fast when he rushed to chase a squirrel on his territory!

Despite its small size the Yorkie has a lot of energy and loves to walks.
He is always ready to go out...Whether for a small car ride or for a long walk outside!

Intelligent and curious dog

The Yorkie is a very quick-witted and extremely smart dog. It surely will try to outsmart you to achieve what he wantss and he will probably succeedat it sometimes!

The yorkie is very curious and always want to know what happens. They will smell all your bags when you come from outside.

Watchdog, feel like a big dog ...but in a so small body
The Yorkshire is not really aware of its small size and is desperate to warn his master when it detects the presence of a stranger or suspicious noises in the house.

Yorshire terrier and kids!

The Yorkshire Terrier gets along very well with children but because it is so small "life with a too young child could be a bit dangerous" for him( the yorkie).
it might be hold too strong or, be dropped or inadvertently tread on ( they are always around our feet). So beware!


  • Very intelligent
  • Snitch mind
  • Gay and mood stability
  • With lots of character
  • Very proud
  • Very Affectionate (and believe me it will show you his "love" in many ways)
  • who loves to play
  • who knows what he wants and more than one trick up his sleeve to beat you
  • which adapts very well with your other pets

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