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Contraception in dogs

Are there any contraceptives available for dogs?

Surgical sterilization of the female dog is of course the most radical method to prevent pregnancy in the bitch.

Click here to learn more about spaying / neuthering

Besides surgical sterilization, there are different methods that are little precious yorkie dog can use to prevent getting pregnant.

If one day the dog must have a litter, wait at least until the second heat cycle, let pass the first heat without doing anything to avoid compromising fertility.

1) The lack of contact with a male during this heat!
The lack of contact with a male is of course the first way to prevent our little female to be mate!

Sometimes this can be very difficult to implement when several dogs of different sexes live under the same roof ...

However, this method will not prevent the hormone to make its little effect and will not calm your dog cravings for sex!

2) Take hormones tablets

To delay estrus, our little female yorkie or other breed will take her pill every day during the period.
To delete a complete cycle , use the tablets for several days from the appearance of the first vaginal discharge. Giving hormones to our dogs at the beginning of her heat cycle can increase the risk of uterine infection.

3) Taking hormone injection (synthetic progesterone)

And for the injections?
The medical method is the safest because the injections are made outside of the estrus periods.
Progesterone is injected about every 5 or 6 months.

NOTE: Medical contraception and tubal ligation does not prevent the ovaries to continue to secrete hormones, which can be hazardous to your pet's health and cause diseases of the reproductive system and otherwise.

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