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The language of your dog - GROWL

2) The growl if the dog wants to impose his superiority

Dogs descended from wolves THAT LIVE IN PACK AND THAT OBEY THE PACL LEADER. So In order to live well with and communicate with your dog you need to understand that you must maintain Alpha position in the "pack."

Usually, dogs that have the status of pack leader growls almost never growls.

These dogs do not really have to defend their territory, their things, because they are leaders, the other dogs in the pack will never come to steal their things. The other pack members will have respect for them and abide.

If your dog growls but it is not a growl of fear,you will know, that by looking at his posture ....
Does he have the body upright and imposing when he growls? Does it's head and ears are up right and raise up?

You will know, that by looking at his posture ....
Does he have the body upright and imposing when he growls? Does it's head and ears are up right and raise up?

If your dog growls against you or any member of your family to defend its things and it has nothing to do with a growl of fear, there is a real big problem and YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION QUICKLY !

This is a sign that you gave too many rights and your dog feels and thinks that he is superior of yourself ....
He thinks he's the boss now and nothing less!
He believes he is the leader of your pack and therefore feels it has the right to threaten all the subordinate member of the pack if he feel like it.

If your dog growl at you: Tell him right away a big No! Let him know it is not acceptable to EVER growl at you or your children. Make it clear that your children are the offspring of his Alpha leader (you) and that they are to be treated as Alpha "pups." If you have a problem with your dog growling at you or another family member, you may want to try having the person your dog growls at the most be the only one to feed him.

First, make your dog sit. He has to learn that he depends on you and he must obey and sit in order to eat. And if he growls after you set down the food, tell him no and take the food away. Tell him to sit again. This is how you will reinforce the "no growling rule.''

Whatever the reason, NEVER LET YOUR DOG GROWL AFTER YOU . This is a case of tolerance 0. One time is enough to make him feel pack leader and everything will be worse and worse thereafter.

How to react to a dog that growls?

You must show your dog that you are the pack leader here and you must notlet these growls intimidate you.

You must never tolerate growling because this will usually lead to biting. Not always, but it usually does. So you need to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. I want to make it clear we are not talking about puppy play growling.

  1. Keep calm and do not be fooled by the growl.

  2. Reprimand your dog right away, tell him in with firm voice "do not growl." or a big "No" .

  3. Keep doing what you started to do. Do not stop (even if you know that your dog does not like what you are doing) because your dog will feel that he won over you and it would be even worse next time.

  4. If your dog continues to growl anyway, approach him gently, with a firm hand but not sudden, go slowly, take on the top of the neck and get his head down to place him in a submissive position.
Mimi show me that she is submissive.She lies on her back on the floor near my feet, 4 legs up to show me that she is very submissive! Mimi's not a crazy girl!So smart that little yorkie! See the photo above!
TIPS: How to show your dog who's the leader of the pack?

  1. Do not treat your dog like a human baby. He needs to learn to be a dog. Do not over-protect him. He needs to explore and learn to be independent.

  2. Do not let your dog walk through the door first. If your dog always goes ahead of you, you need to get your leash and open the door. When he rushes ahead you pull him back and tell him "No. Wait. " You walk in and then give him permission to come in. This will be easier and faster if you have someone help you.

  3. Do not let a dog who is having alpha issues sleep in the syour bed or your children's bed. This is a definite alpha position. A doggie bed on the floor beside you is your best bet for maintaining alpha position. This rule is for aggressive dogs or dogs showing signs they are forgetting their place.If your dogt is well behaved and obedient, it is then ok to let him sleep next to you or your child, so long as it was the humans that invited the dog up.

    The dog should not be the one deciding to jump up on the bed. You ALWAYS have to invite him first. If you just can't be without your dog in the bed, at the very least you need to make sure he sleeps at the foot of the bed and not on your pillow.

  4. Do not let your dog ride in your lap in the car. Make him sit in his own seat , IDEALLY WITH A SECURE SEAT BELT FOR DOG. It is unsafe for you and your dog to let him sit on your legs infront of the car. Buy him his own seat belt or use a kennel. Some states will give you a ticket for being a distracted driver.

Your dog must absolutely understand that you do not release the piece and that it is you the leader in your own home and not him. He is lower than you and have to be submitted.

The Yorkie can have lots of character and is very smart dog, he'll probably be testing you more than once in this area!

My Mimi have a lot of character and would love to be the leader here and she tries sometimes to show me that she is the boss but I quickly show her that is ME THE BOSS over here not her every time!

What is shedoing after to be forgiven?
She lies on her back on the floor near my feet, 4 legs up to show me that she is very submissive! Mimi's not a crazy girl!So smart that little yorkie! See the photo above!

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